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Eco-Business Connections: Meet SPIRIT OF VERA

At CEP Toronto, we strive to bring together sustainability professionals in the Greater Toronto Area. Due to the changes of COVID-19 on the economy, small businesses need our help more than ever. That’s why we’re using our blog to connect our community with Canadian small businesses who are doing good for the environment by providing products or services that help us live and work a little greener.

You know the drill. Today we’re sitting down with Vera, owner and sustainable silversmith for SPIRIT OF VERA. She creates absolutely beautiful 100% recycled silver and gold jewelry and is a summer staple at the St. Lawrence Market.

You have a really interesting backstory! Can you tell our readers a bit about yourself and the business?

I am an ‘imperfect zero waste’ entrepreneur whose aim is to contribute to the global awakening and ascension of all beings. I have exceptionally high standards as it relates to the impact of my products and actions on my community and environment. I am deeply grounded in our beautiful mother earth and my expansive love for her motivates and inspires me. I love to meditate, run, mountain bike, go portaging for weeks at a time and create [pieces that won’t get damaged] through that rigorous activity.

When I was 24, I left Canada for Central America in order to discover myself. I settled in a small spiritual community and befriended a local shaman and silversmith who made a few pieces with me, some I still have today. I continued travelling and meditating on my purpose, eventually coming to the realization that I wanted to start a business. So when I returned to Canada with only $1,000 in my pocket, I created a silver business that was aligned with all of my strong principles on service and compassion towards all.

All of my pieces come with a lifetime warranty, so although they are made to last, they are repaired for free if it ever breaks. My purpose is to contribute to global wellness, and my mantra is to live the dream.

Why being sustainable is important to you?

Sustainability is at the centre of my life, and this manifests in my business practices. I wouldn’t not have continued along this endeavour if I was not able to source responsibly recycled material.

Further, the success of my jewelry has allowed me to develop sustainability programs in my communities through my non profit organization, Ascension Foundation. We do this through tree plantings, beach cleanups and more!

I am always striving to [increase the environmental sustainability] of my business. We currently use recycled and recyclable paper packaging and, as this business is a result of the desire to contribute positively to the world, there is no consideration of scaling back any sustainable efforts.

What’s your favourite product that you’re selling right now?

I would suggest my stacking rings, as they are simple and easy and perfect for summer, as the silver will not tarnish, discolour or stain the skin. You can wash your hands and sanitize in perpetuity with no consequence on your rings!

I have also implemented a really fun draw! Order a ring sizer for $8 and you’ll receive a [randomly selected] coupon code for between 10-50% off your next online order along with some crystals.


Support SPIRIT OF VERA by following her on Instagram @spiritofvera or shop online on Etsy. Learn more about her foundation, Ascension Foundation here.

This blog contains information, views, or opinions expressed by a business owner (or employer) and its associated product(s) and/or service(s). While the information has been presented with all due care, CEP Toronto makes no warranty, guarantee, or representation as to the accuracy or sufficiency of the information featured in this blog and has merely edited for length and clarity purposes.

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