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About CEP Toronto

Connecting Environmental Professionals Toronto (CEPT)  is a chapter of Connecting Environmental Professionals Canada, a national organization of local chapters dedicated to creating opportunities for emerging and established environmental and sustainability professionals.

CEP Canada was founded in 1997 in Toronto as Young Environmental Professionals (YEP Canada) and has expanded to include chapters in the National Capital Region (Ottawa-Gatineau), Calgary, Vancouver, and Toronto. The organization completed its name change from YEP to CEP in 2013.


CEPT is a volunteer-powered organization that strives to create opportunities for all professionals to collaborate and learn, ultimately driving sustainability and climate action. Our mission is to inform and collaborate with professionals in our community as a way to drive sustainability and climate action.


Healthy and sustainable communities in which environmental professionals collaborate to drive climate action


Enhance collaboration and education of professionals in the environmental communities to drive climate action towards a sustainable future


These four pillars are intended to transcend every department of the CEPT organization and act as values to guide all our activities, business-decisions and initiatives:

  1. Transparency: While we are optimistic, truth and integrity is important in everything we do. We are impartial and ensure lines of communication within and outside the Management Team are always open.

  2. Service: Whether it be our members, event attendees, community, management team, or our planet, our mandate is to provide value to everyone.

  3. Care: We love our planet. We want to protect and preserve our environment for future generations and we believe one of the best ways to do that is to support and empower professionals in sustainability.

  4. Education: We strive to inform and provide educational opportunities to our community through hosting events, sharing content online and giving all stakeholders an opportunity to grow professionally in a safe environment.

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