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Volunteer with CEP Toronto

By volunteering with CEP, not only are you donating your time towards a good cause, you will also grow your professional network, develop valuable career-building skills such as project management, networking, marketing, teamwork and leadership in a supportive environment.

Benefits of Volunteering with CEP:

  • Attend all of our amazing events for free

  • Get the chance to learn new skills and tactics in a supportive environment

  • Develop your leadership skills: you will own your own projects, be given the chance to experiment and learn and (in certain positions) manage others

  • Expand your network and build lasting relationships

  • Opportunity for written/formal recommendation letters and references


Interested in joining the management team? 

We are currently looking for an Advisor and President, see the job descriptions below. Please send your application to



Provide strategic support to the Management Team, particularly the President and Vice President.

Primary Responsibilities:


  • Attend meeting as required based on subject matter expertise, 

  • Attend all CEP Toronto events and provide feedback to President and/or Vice President,

  • Guide individual management team members or department in their areas of their responsibility/expertise, where feasible,

  • Suggest connections to potential event speakers and/or partners for collaboration opportunity, 

  • Attend all CEP Toronto events and provide feedback to President and/or Vice President.



Guides the overall direction/strategy of the organization. Establishes processes and procedures that support the organization in ensuring that the CEP Toronto chapter is functioning successfully, including meeting organization goals, budget/finance and the overall event management and communication.

Primary Responsibilities:


  • Managing the overall direction of the organization:

  • Work on the development of the Chapter’s ongoing and future goals and strategy.

  • Lead quarterly meetings with the Vice President.

  • Develop, create, and review positions/roles for the Chapter in order to attain yearly goals.

  • Work closely with the Director of Finance (and Corporate Sponsorship Coordinator) in order to establish a healthy and sustainable balance sheet and explore regular revenue generation opportunities (including enhancement of Membership program offering).

  • Work closely with the Director of Events on exploring and creating new opportunities for collaboration/partnership, especially as it relates to panel discussions and speaker series.

  • Liaise with the advisors and the management team (board members) in order to continue the momentum of attaining organizational goals.

  • Liaise with the overall (core) teams of CEP Canada for yearly collaborative events and new program launches (such as podcasts and webinars).

Secondary Responsibilities:

  • Promote the organization in environmental/sustainability related networking events and conferences and in partnership with relevant external stakeholders (incl. environmental organizations).

  • Regularly prepare and/or post social media articles and thought leadership pieces in collaboration with the Marketing team in order to promote the organization to a broader audience.

  • Establish/Support the development of operating procedures in conjunction with CEP Toronto’s management team.

  • Support the Management Team, informally, in meeting their individual goals with CEP Toronto to allow for career growth.

Time Commitment:

Time requirement will vary based on event planning and management (Approx. 10 hours per week)

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