Meet CEP Toronto's Management Team

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Kimberly Rafuse | President

Kimberly is passionate about sustainable development, corporate social responsibility, climate change and risk management.  


She currently works for a large global reinsurance company and her work focuses on industrial risk control, and she is also involved with a consultancy on climate change and financial institutions.  She has worked with industry, non-profits, and in consulting. She returned to Toronto from Calgary in 2015, and was previously a Board Member of Connecting Environmental Professionals (CEP) Calgary.


She has a Bachelor's of Engineering, Chemical/Environment, and a Master's in Environmental Security.  

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Mayur Mukati | Vice President


Mayur supports global institutional investors with sustainable finance research and documentation, including through second-party opinions on green, social and sustainable debt and/or equity instruments. Mayur has academic and work experience in seven countries, spanning three continents, namely North America, Europe, and Asia.


Prior to joining an ESG Investment Research Firm, he worked in multiple Fortune 500 firms in chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing and several Canadian government-funded clean technology and climate change research programs in non-profit NGOs.


Mayur holds a B.E. (Honors) in Chemical Engineering from BITS Pilani, India, and an MSc. in Sustainability Management from the University of Toronto (with a sustainability graduate exchange at Lund University in Sweden). He was recognized as one of the Top 10 Global Leaders in Sustainability in 2016 by a B Corp, Nudge, in the Netherlands.


In his spare time, Mayur enjoys watching movies and documentaries, playing bowling and board games, and eating out with friends.

Snehal Khade| Director, Finance


Snehal has broad-ranging international experience across finance, research and corporate banking with specialization in providing sustainable finance solutions for Government-sponsored entities, renewable energy companies, waste management companies, real estate entities, and key public sector listed companies.


She started her professional journey in investment banking at JP Morgan and later worked at Statistics New Zealand. In her most recent assignment, she served as a Corporate Banking Relationship Manager for Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, one of UAE's largest banks.


Snehal holds a Bachelor’s degree from Mumbai University and has completed her postgraduate studies from Auckland University of Technology. She is currently pursuing the Green Economy program from Ryerson University.


She is passionate about forest and wildlife conservation and is a strong advocate of the adoption of the triple bottom line framework, which integrates financial, social and environmental values.


In her spare time, she enjoys pilates, hiking, kayaking, adventure sports and learning about permaculture.

Madeleine Lee | Director, Marketing

Madeleine is a diverse brand & product marketing specialist with experience working alongside world-class brands such as Walt Disney Studios, Subway Restaurants, Energizer Batteries, Nair, National Geographic, and G Adventures.

She brings outstanding product and business acumen to her role as Marketing Manager at OtO Lawn, a Toronto-based-startup that is revolutionizing the smart home category with a device that automates residential lawn care. Nationwide, landscape irrigation is estimated to account for nearly one-third of all residential water use, totaling nearly 9 billion gallons per day. OtO can save its users nearly 50% of their water consumption, putting it in a very unique position to make a huge impact on water conservation.


When she's not working or volunteering, she's traveling as much as humanly possible, working on a new hobby (yesterday it was calligraphy, today it's bass guitar), or acting like she's some kind of armchair movie critic.

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Yvonne Ho | Director, Events

Yvonne is an environmental professional with a background in environmental science and sustainability. She has several years of work experience in the environmental non-profit sector— carrying out research on key environmental issues, writing reports and educational articles, executing membership development and outreach initiatives, as well as implementing marketing and communications plans for campaigns. She has a keen interest in renewable energy, impact investing, circular economy, and sustainable development.


Prominent not-for-profit environmental organizations she has volunteered at and worked for include Sierra ClubEnvironmental DefenceOntario Sustainable Energy AssociationToronto Environmental Alliance, and Pollution Probe. Yvonne is motivated to work together with like-minded people and organizations towards greater environmental justice and more urgent climate action.

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Shawna Weisberg | Advisor

Shawna is a passionate social impact professional. She brings this enthusiasm to her role as Executive Director of Ceridian Cares, a charity that bridges the gaps for individuals when public and private support systems are not enough to meet their basic needs. Previously, Shawna managed a corporate grantmaking portfolio with the Community Investment team at CIBC, and spent several years leading a national employee donation campaign for TD Bank, raising over $11 million annually for charities across Canada. She has also managed many Employee Experience and Employee Engagement initiatives.


In her spare time, Shawna has been an artist and illustrator for over 20 years.

Anna Mason | Advisor


A commitment to environmental protection and sustainability led Anna to pursue a career in the field of environmental management, working in a variety of roles in consulting, industry and government, gaining experience in site assessment, risk assessment, modeling, and waste management policy over a 15 year period.

She also spent a number of years living in Italy, working with a research group and communicating insights about digital innovation in business across a range of industries.

Following this experience, Anna decided to focus on improving data-based decision-making, having seen how big data and analytics can provide valuable insights about business systems, markets, and trends. She aspires to help companies leverage data to support socially responsible and environmentally sustainable business decisions. She holds Master’s degrees in Civil Engineering (Environmental) and Management Analytics.

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Rishabh Nanda | Corporate Secretary

Rishabh is a sustainability professional with an interest in integrating technology solutions and sustainability. He is a polymath by experiences having an engineering background, consulting experiences and MSc. in Sustainability Management.

Currently, Rishabh is working as a Project Strategy Advisor with Internat Energy Solutions Canada majorly on environmental and economic side of sustainability. He has been gaining experience in real-estate energy audits and management, industrial GHG emission verifications, corporate sustainability reporting and assurance, carbon inventory development, and emission reduction goal and strategy development. In past, Rishabh has received several awards for his innovative thinking and leadership skills including the 2019-2020 Student Leadership Award from the University of Toronto.


During his free time, you can find Rishabh spending his time biking and going on adventurous hikes. When the weather is not in his favor he likes to binge watch TV- series or play board games.


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Sofia Lau-Alves | Marketing Coordinator

Sofia is a sustainability professional who practices environmental stewardship and tackles issues with a systems thinking approach. She is passionate about causes that make a positive impact and better the world. She is fascinated by biophilic design and believes all infrastructure needs to evolve, integrating nature and natural systems & processes to ensure the well-being of humans and heal the planet. 


Sofia holds a Bachelor of Environmental Studies in Environment and Resource Studies with a Minor in International Development Studies from the University of Waterloo. She also obtained a Spanish Language Certificate at University. She practiced her Castellano in Ecuador while living there for 4 months participating in community development work. She also completed the Web Development Immersive Bootcamp at Juno College and is looking to collaborate with fellow coders to enhance her skills and find ways to incorporate her passion for sustainable development and wellness. 

Sofia likes to solve problems, stay active, and always help others whenever she can. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, practising Hot Yoga, playing sports, dancing, attending events, learning new skills, experimenting with healthy recipes, playing board games, and completing escape rooms. 

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Cindy Luu | Social Media + Communications Manager

Cindy Luu graduated from the Environment and Business program at the University of Waterloo. She first entered into the world of digital marketing, social media and content marketing for the startup world. Leveraging her specialty in social media and passion for the environment, she's currently helping a non-profit educate Canadians on the value of natural, healthy and sustainable living. 

Liz Johnson | Events Coordinator

Liz is a young professional with a background in environment, sustainability and business. She holds an undergraduate degree in Environment and Business from the University of Waterloo and graduate degree in Environment and Sustainability from Western University.


She has experience in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors gained throughout her co-op and professional experience. She has a passion for bringing sustainability to whichever company she works with to educate and engage employees about climate change and other important social issues.  She also has experience in project management and obtained her Project Management Professional (PMP)® designation in December 2019. Her main interests include spreading awareness on climate change, biodiversity, deforestation, waste reduction, and inequality around the world.


In her spare time, Liz enjoys playing sports with friends and checking out new trails around Toronto and the GTA.