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Eco-Business Connections: Meet eco+amour

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

At CEP Toronto, we strive to bring together sustainability professionals in the Greater Toronto Area. Due to the impacts of COVID-19 on the economy, small businesses need our help more than ever. That’s why we’re using our blog to connect our community with Canadian small businesses who are doing good for the environment by providing products or services that help us live and work a little greener.

Let's start by telling our readers a little bit about yourselves!

Hello, Sarah Marcus and Laura Craig here, founders of eco+amour, Toronto's top full-service beauty refillery. We are entrepreneurs and friends who set out to stir things up with the way we shop for everyday essentials and to create a low waste shopping experience for bath, body, home, and more.

What is the story behind eco+amour?

eco+amour opened its doors in August 2018 after only 6 quick weeks of development and product sourcing! We reached out to some of the coolest earth-minded beauty brands we loved in the GTA, and convinced many of them to launch a refill model with eco+amour. We're also incredibly lucky to now have a natural formulator and chemist on-staff who have developed our very own house line of beauty and home products.

Why is sustainability important to you and your business?

Sustainability is not just important to our business, it IS our business! Every product we carry is brought in to help you minimize your dependence on single-use items. We consider the lifecycle and take responsibility for every item, box, bag, and package that is available in the store (any product packaging from our store can be returned for reuse, or recycling if it's not already accepted in the city program.)

How is your business adapting to the current COVID-19 reality?

Since temporarily closing our doors, we've had to shift our focus to online sales, we launched new refill pouches that are easier to ship, started offering $5 local delivery and curbside pickup. We're currently working on a plan to safely open our doors and to once again offer personal refills.

How will you continue maintaining or enhancing the sustainability considerations of your business post - COVID-19?

I think it's too early to say. This will depend on the new shopping guidelines set out by our health leaders. We're hopeful that as a full-service refillery (meaning customers do not come in contact with our refill products) that we will be able to resume operations soon and to continue to maintain a clean and healthy space for shoppers to pursue their respective sustainability initiatives.

What’s your favourite product you sell these days?

Our current team obsession is our solid dish blocks! These grease-cutting bars handle dishes, stains, and other messes with ease. They are made in our Toronto facility and are a must-have sink side companion - easily paired with your favourite dish brush or sponge.

How do you incorporate sustainability practices into your personal life?

Being aware - that's the biggest "practice" for our personal lives, our business, and our lives in general. We take more time than ever to consider how the items we use impact our home, our health, and the earth. We are far from perfect, but we're happy to report that we're always trying to make better decisions to minimize our footprints.

Support eco+amour by following them on Facebook and Instagram @ecoandamour, or visit their website to see their line of sustainable and refillable product offerings.


This blog contains information, views, or opinions expressed by a business owner (or employer) and its associated product(s) and/or service(s). While the information has been presented with all due care, CEP Toronto makes no warranty, guarantee, or representation as to the accuracy or sufficiency of the information featured in this blog and has edited the interview for length and clarity purposes.

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