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CEP Toronto Annual Membership

CEP Toronto 2021/2022 Annual Membership

Each CEP Chapter facilitates connections between highly motivated, energetic and environmentally conscious professionals and allows them to share ideas, expand their network of contacts, find jobs, and access or provide mentorship opportunities.

Membership fee is discounted to $20 (normally $30) and lasts for one year from the date on which it was purchased and renews automatically. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about membership.


As CEP is a volunteer run organization, your contribution also helps us with operations and to pay for event logistics like Zoom licenses, food, speakers and venues.

What can CEP offer you?

  • Speaker events - Our events feature senior professionals who share their experiences and knowledge in their respective sustainability and environmental fields. Members receive exclusive free access or discounted rates for all speaker events.

  • Networking opportunities - CEP events provide informal networking and educational opportunities with emerging and senior environmental and sustainability professionals. See the events sections for upcoming gatherings in Toronto.

  • Conferences and workshops - CEP members receive exclusive access to workshops and conferences at a discounted rate.

  • Notice of job opportunities and community events -CEP chapters distribute job postings to help members find employment in the environmental and sustainability fields.

  • CEP Membership

    Every year
    Support CEP and become a vital member of our community!
    • CEP Toronto Events - Discounted Tickets for Live Events
    • Networking Opportunities with Sustainability Professionals
    • Conferences and Workshops - Discounted Tickets

*Membership fee will be charged $30 the following year. 

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